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CARGO Barrier

CARGO Barrier

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Introducing the Buzz Cargo Barrier – a must-have addition for Grenadier owners seeking to create a clear divide between the rear boot space and the middle row seating. This versatile barrier serves multiple purposes, whether it's keeping your furry companions securely in the back or preventing cargo loaded on our cargo rack from shifting forward. The cargo rack's primary objective is to facilitate safe loading, optimizing space utilization while maintaining a clear separation from the passenger compartment.

Crafted from robust 2mm mild steel, our cargo barrier is engineered to withstand the rigors of your adventures. To harmonize with the rest of our system, it is powder-coated for a seamless look. Beyond its primary purpose, this versatile piece also doubles as a mole panel, providing an excellent platform for attaching bags and accessories.

Designed with flexibility in mind, our cargo barrier can be used independently of our cargo shelf. While it currently affixes to the cargo barrier, we will also offer a dedicated bracket for standalone usage later on.


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