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TD5 EGR Removal Kit

TD5 EGR Removal Kit

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EGR Removal Kit suitable for Defender and Discovery Td5.

Lifetime warranty

Please choose from the option above for early models (up to 2001) or late models (2001 to 2006).

Early version allows fitment without tampering with the EGR exhaust connections. Early version is not suitable to fit later models with EGR cooler

For late models, we recommend blanking the exhaust gasses at the last connection at the EGR cooler on the front of the cylinder head. This means it is not necessary to remove the bolts in the exhaust manifold. Extra plates available if you wish to remove the whole EGR pipe system. Kit includes 6mm stainless steel laser cut blanking plate and inlet gasket.

Available with boost gauge connection, allows easy connection of a boost gauge hoses to allow accurate reading of boost pressure entering the inlet manifold.

Manufactured in our UK workshop by hand and supplied with Lifetime Warranty.

CNC milled 6mm aluminium mounting flange, swaged tube to stop hose slipping under boost, TIG welded by hand.

Removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is widely recognised as a simple and effective method of improving the efficiency of a turbo diesel engine.  The EGR allows hot, used gases back into the engine and can cause excessive black smoke and lack of power. Cool air is fundamental for efficient, clean combustion and power!

Original manufacturers replacement EGR valves are expensive and likely to fail again.

Our EGR bypass system not only stops the hot, second – hand air entering the engine, but also removes the restriction caused by the original EGR set up, which is considerable particularly on later engines.

The AlliSport design of EGR valve bypass does not interfere with the engine ECU systems, and will not cause any warning lights to illuminate.

Manufactured with special swaged end to stop pipes slipping off under boost pressure.


Early Models (up to 2001):
Fitting is simple as it is a direct replacement for original EGR valve. All connections are as standard and this kit blanks the gas flow. Does not require any extra components such as exhaust blank plate.

Late Models (2001 – 2006):
Simple to install – replace EGR valve with the AS12-L replacement and connect the vacuum pipes together. Install the stainless steel blank plate on the heat exchanger. No need to remove any other EGR related components.

Also available powder coated black


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