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Garmin Tread Overlander

Garmin Tread Overlander

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Product Description:


Prepare to embark on your next off-road adventure with confidence and precision, thanks to the Garmin Overlander ® Off-Road GPS Navigator. This rugged and feature-packed device is designed to be your ultimate guide, providing essential navigation, communication, and exploration tools for your journey into the wild.


Key Features:


  • Large Touchscreen: Immerse yourself in your off-road exploration with an expansive touchscreen display. It offers vivid and detailed mapping, making it easy to follow your route and plan your adventures.

  • Preloaded Topographic Maps: With preloaded topographic maps covering North America, you'll have access to a wealth of off-road trails, forest service roads, and public land boundaries, allowing you to confidently navigate off the beaten path.

  • Turn-by-Turn Directions: The Garmin Overlander ® provides turn-by-turn directions both on and off the road, ensuring you stay on track, even in remote and challenging terrain.

  • Waypoint Management: Create and save custom waypoints to mark significant locations, such as campsites, trailheads, and scenic viewpoints. Share waypoints with fellow travelers to stay connected during your adventures.

  • InReach® Satellite Communication: Stay connected in the backcountry with InReach® satellite technology. Send and receive messages, trigger an SOS signal in emergencies, and receive up-to-date weather information, all vital for safe and enjoyable off-roading.

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity: Pair your smartphone with the Garmin Overlander ® to receive smart notifications for calls, texts, emails, and alerts while keeping your focus on the trail.

  • Rugged Design: Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, this device is built to military standards for durability, making it water-resistant, dustproof, and capable of handling the bumps and shocks of off-road adventures.

  • Long Battery Life: The Garmin Overlander ® boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring it can keep up with your extended off-road trips without needing frequent recharges.


The Garmin Overlander ® Off-Road GPS Navigator is your all-in-one solution for conquering the great outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned overlander or a beginner looking to explore new horizons, this device will help you navigate, communicate, and explore with ease and confidence. Elevate your off-road experience today with the Garmin Overlander 8-inch®, and get ready to blaze new trails and create unforgettable memories.


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