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The GP25 SingleMotor Ultimate Adventure Winch, designed with more relaxed winching in mind!

The GP25 SingleMotor is built using Gigglepin's popular SuperHousing, SingleMotor TopHousing and our Solid Narrow Diameter Drum. Designed for those that don't require a FreeSpool, it is available with six different ratios and two different drum lengths. The motor can also be rotated by 90 degrees to allow it to be fitted into tight locations. Using the same High Performance gears as it's big brothers, it is in a class of it's own and is raising the standard for an electrical winch for Adventure Winching!

Cheaper than a Warn 8274, there is now a GP Winch for everyone!


It has the following amazing features:

Strong, lightweight, heat treated cast aluminium housings,

High performance gears and SuperShaft designed to Lighter and Stronger,

Six different ratios Standard, +15%, +25%, +40%, +50% or +60% to suit all applications,

Supplied as standard with our Pro 100 Solenoids & PowerBars, Upgrade to our Pro 150 solenoids & links as an optional extra,

Two drum sizes Short 10 (same length as Warn 8274) and Standard 13 (+ 76mm),

External ratchet brake allowing the use of synthetic ropes,

9 Roller bearings giving unparalleled silky smooth operation,

Super strong polished stainless steel FairLead,

Billet drum support plate,

Oil Filled gearbox for perfect lubrication no matter what the angle,

Large drain and filler plugs with Iridium magnets for ease of maintenance,

Manufactured and hand built to order in the UK by trained craftsmen,

Serial numbered for traceability,

Supplied with fitting kit and full instructions,

Compatible with Gigglepin Motor Brake System (MBS),

Designed and hand built in the UK.


3 Year Mechanical Warranty (Motors and Solenoids not included)

Dimensions sheets for all three drum sizes available to download here (this winch has the same mounting bolt patterns as the GP100)

Standard Drum (76mm Longer than Warn 8274)
Short Drum (Same as Warn 8274)


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