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Exhaust Manifold TD5 + Studs

Exhaust Manifold TD5 + Studs

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Due to the popularity of this product, we are now able to offer an improved price!

High flow performance exhaust manifold, stud kit and gasket package for all Td5 Land Rovers.

Improved gas flow reduces irregular hot spots, reduces turbo lag and eliminates manifold warping.

Ideal for tuned vehicles, also benefits standard tuning and improves throttle response.

12mm thick cast flanges for super strength.

NOTE – This is not a modified standard manifold which will warp again even once skimmed and the webs removed!

Available with ceramic coating in various colours

Kit also includes uprated exhaust manifold stud kit for TD5, designed to help eliminate studs breaking off in the cylinder head.
This is often due to manifold warping typically made apparent by a high pitched ‘squeal’ under heavy acceleration.

These studs are made with a higher grade material, are longer and are supplied with expansion spacers and new flange nuts .
The nuts should be tightened to 25nm (18lbf.ft).

Compliments our performance exhaust manifold

Kit supplied with 3 gaskets (ASE09) – manifold to head – manifold to turbo and turbo to exhaust downpipe

*Manifold cast in France.


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