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Defender TD5 Alloy Air Intake Silver

Defender TD5 Alloy Air Intake Silver

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The original hard intake pipe upgrade for Land Rover Defender Td5

Lifetime warranty!

Eliminates intake hose collapsing under induction, common with tuned engines and larger turbos.

Made from individually laser cut cones to smoothly transition from air flow meter connection to turbo inlet.

Unlike many copies which use a sharp reducing hose causing a restriction, each segment is rolled and welded by hand – gradually reducing the diameter to create a smooth air flow, .

Induction air is under negative pressure and requires as smooth a transition as possible and this gradual reduction in size acts as a venturi; helping to speed up air entering the turbo

Includes CNC machined breather take off, making this a direct replacement part.

Available plain aluminium or powder coated black, with either blue or black silicone hose joiners.


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