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Complete CARGO Storage System

Complete CARGO Storage System

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Introducing the Buzz Overland Modular storage system, specifically designed for the Ineos Grenadier and tailored to meet the needs of the overlanding, shooting, and off-roading communities. Our innovative design maximizes the abundant space available in the Grenadier platform, allowing you to efficiently organise your equipment and access essentials, like cold beers, without any hassle.

With a wide range of configuration options, our modular storage system can be customised to suit your specific requirements. It all starts with the sturdy base plate supported by our robust steel braces that are securely fixed using the factory fixings in the Grenadier's floor system. This provides a solid foundation for securing your items using the versatile L-track fittings found throughout the vehicle.

From there, you can build up your storage system according to your needs. The versatility of our system makes it ideal for both work and play, catering to the needs of serious over landers and adventurers alike. We have even incorporated an ARB twin compressor mount, recognising the importance of this component for extensive travel.

Our system boasts a range of impressive features, including heavy-duty sliders on the drawers that can support up to 227kg when fully extended. The floor plate is a combination of 4mm 5052 aluminium for the base and 3mm mild steel supports, ensuring durability and strength. The drawers themselves are made of 3mm 5052 aluminium, while the cargo rack features a combination of 3mm 5052 aluminium and a 3mm mild steel frame. The ARB compressor mount is crafted from 2mm Mild Steel, guaranteeing reliability and longevity.

By purchasing this product you choose to configure your CARGO as 1x Fridge Slide with 3x Drawers, as in the photographs.

For those who prefer dual side by side drawer system, we offer an optional timber deck constructed from 19mm rhino board. You can choose between all drawers, a half-and-half configuration, two fridge slides, or a combination of both, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs. The system also features multiple cut-outs for L-track fittings, allowing for easy attachment of accessories. The cargo barrier attaches to the cargo rack, but for those who prefer not to use the rack, we offer a bracket for running without it. Additionally, we provide a Milwaukee pack out option for the cargo rack.

Our cargo rack is height adjustable, offering approximately 75mm of adjustment to accommodate various items. The Molle compatible panels on the cargo barrier, roof shelf, and bracketry provide additional customisation options, allowing you to attach accessories and equipment as needed.

Experience the ultimate in organisation and convenience with the Buzz Overland Modular storage system for your Grenadier. Designed with your needs in mind, our system ensures that your equipment is securely stored and easily accessible, making your overlanding, shooting, or off-roading adventures even more enjoyable.


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