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CARGO Roof Shelf

CARGO Roof Shelf

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Introducing the Buzz Roof Shelf, an invaluable addition to our modular system that brings new levels of convenience and organization to your journeys. Ever found yourself with a wet jacket, muddy boots, or a dog lead and nowhere to store them when your vehicle is packed with gear and passengers? The Buzz Roof Shelf is the perfect solution for precisely these situations, providing a discreet storage space to stow away those smaller items, keeping them neatly hidden from the passenger area.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into our full system, this roof shelf easily bolts onto the cargo barrier, gaining additional strength from the factory cargo divider points thoughtfully supplied by INEOS. Crafted from robust 2mm mild steel, it boasts exceptional durability to handle all your stashable items with ease.

Please note that the Buzz Roof Shelf is exclusively compatible with our cargo barrier system.

Embrace the practicality and versatility of this third layer cargo shelf, and experience the enhanced organization and tidiness it brings to your adventures.


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