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CARGO Floor Base

CARGO Floor Base

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Introducing the Buzz Floor Base System, the cornerstone of our highly adaptable modular setup. This robust and versatile floor base serves as the foundation upon which the entire system is built.

Designed for seamless integration, our system effortlessly bolts into the factory holes originally reserved for the conventional utility track. To ensure optimal strength, we employ three reliable supports made from 3mm mild steel, carefully engineered to withstand rigorous demands.

The core of this exceptional base system features a two-piece aluminium base plate, thoughtfully crafted from 4mm aluminium to impart both strength and rigidity. The innovative design of this cargo floor base incorporates standardized utility track-style fixings, enabling you to retain the original functionality of the utility track option should you wish to.

Whether you choose to utilize only the base plate or expand your setup with additional components, such as a fridge slide or our drawer system, the base rack is a product in itself and can be used to tie down cargo or adapt the load space of the grenadier with a solid base.

Start your storage system journey with our base rack and then add our modular extras when you are ready!


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