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CARGO Drawer

CARGO Drawer

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Introducing our revolutionary Aluminium Drawers, the ideal complement to our versatile base cargo platform. Designed to elevate your cargo organization to a new level, we offer two sizes of drawers to suit your preferences, allowing for both double and triple stacking within the Grenadier.

With a keen eye on practicality, we have accounted for the natural rake of the rear passenger bench seat. In non-commercial variants, our system accommodates two long drawers and one shorter drawer on top, while in the commercial variant with seats in a more upright position, all three drawers can be stacked.

Flexibility lies at the core of our design. Side-by-side compatibility empowers you to install up to six drawers in total, configuring your cargo layout precisely as you desire. The modular element of these drawers unlocks a world of possibilities, enabling seamless customization tailored to your specific needs.

Crafted from robust 3mm 5052 aluminium, our drawers prioritize both maximum strength and minimal weight. Paired with 227kg load-rated sliders in their fully extended position, our product sets new standards in construction and design.

Embark on overland adventures, tackle work challenges, or embark on everyday journeys with absolute confidence. Our Aluminium Drawers provide the perfect foundation for all your needs, simplifying the process of outfitting your kit like never before.


  • 721mm drawer
  • 781mm drawer


This product is available to order with around a 4-5 week lead time. All international enquires please email us for a specific quote.

Once your order is placed we will keep you up to date with realistic expectations and lead times.


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